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Beneficial Alternatives to a Traditional 4-year Bachelor’s Degree

Check out these beneficial alternatives to a traditional 4-year bachelor’s degree.

College Isn’t For Everybody

A while back I wrote an opinion piece stating that college isn’t for everybody. My argument was that college is expensive, but the opportunity cost, giving up 4-years of work can be even higher.

I never want to discourage anyone from following any path of education or professional training. At the same time, I do want to suggest alternatives that could pay off for many students and employees.

Intensive Certification Programs

The article above speaks about coding boot camps and intensive certification programs. It contrasts a traditional 4-year degree with current education and certification trends.

I will always believe in the value of a 4-year degree, but the value reaches beyond work. I believe a 4-year degree exposes students to a wide variety of subjects and skills. Concepts that make a person more rounded and informed.

At the same time, many 4-year degrees do not provide enough industry-related skills to equip students with a level of mastery that employers desire.

On the other hand, many shorter-term, intensive training programs like coding boot camps equip students with relevant skills that are valuable in their field. They are also current skills, developed within a year of graduation.

Skills and Technology Evolve Fast

The above article mentions something I experienced in college… The skills and technology in the first year of a 4-year degree will likely be outdated, even obsolete by the time a student graduates.

Shortage of Skilled Labor

Another valid point the article makes is that there is currently a shortage of skilled, blue collar workers. Trade schools tend to award diplomas in far less time than a university. Many skilled labor jobs are in demand, resulting in opportunity for trade school graduates to go right to work. Most of these positions pay a comfortable, livable wage.

Go To School!

Beneficial Alternatives to a Traditional 4-year Bachelor's Degree

Regardless of the path you choose, almost every person could benefit from post-high school education. Whether you choose a trade school, community college, university, or something different, the sooner you start doing your research on the path that is right for you, the sooner you will be moving up to better pay and a better job!

Beneficial Alternatives to a Traditional 4-year Bachelor’s Degree

Post by Mike Gamache – Blogger, Video Specialist

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