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Benefits of Helping Others for Business Leaders.

Elite Staffing Solutions’ mission statement has become “people before profit” because we’ve found that treating others well and helping them… Read Full Article

Tesla Trucks are Coming!

That’s right! Tesla is finally releasing a pickup truck, which Tesla Founder Elon Musk¬†says¬†will likely be a bit larger than… Read Full Article

Degree in Unmanned Aircraft With K-State Polytechnic and Butler County

What an exciting new unmanned aircraft program! This exciting class is offered by K-State Polytechnic and Butler County Community College…. Read Full Article

Small Businesses Increasing Interest in Loans

Another positive economic indicator with some worthy side-notes. Small Businesses are showing increased interest in financing. Read this recent article… Read Full Article

Real Estate Sales Up

I really love numbers. They provide analytical data that can be dissected and analyzed in multiple ways. One of the… Read Full Article

Wichita Blood Drives Running Short!

Don’t sit around. Help out! Although we shouldn’t save our generosity for the holidays alone, maybe its time for a… Read Full Article

Second Chances

Second Chances Recently, I came across a podcast that featured Elite Staffing Solutions’ owner Chris Rickerson. It tells his dramatic… Read Full Article