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Choosing a New Path When Life Gets Tough

Choosing a new path when life gets tough…

Growing Up In Derby KS

Growing up in Derby, Kansas left me with an environment that took some creativity to entertain myself in.

I played lots of sports when I was young. I was always good but never great. At the same time, I rode my skateboard and bicycle everywhere. I built dirt jumps with my friends at Woodlawn and Crane Park, and I rode my bike at the Emery Park BMX race track when I could convince my parents to drive me there. Skateboarding and riding bikes were always my favorite activities when I was young.

My First Job

As I grew older, I started my first regular job at 16, flipping burgers at the local Dairy Queen. Around this time, I realized that traditional sports weren’t my favorite. I put my extracurricular activity time into working and saving up. Eventually I bought an ATV, then another ATV, then my first of many motorcycles.

Always A Thrill Seeker

I was always a daredevil. I am still grateful to this day that I did not sustain any more severe injuries than I did. I’ve had a lot of bad ones, but nothing bad enough to change my life until a catastrophic snowboarding injury at age-32. That is another story though.

I always loved motorcycles even before I had ever ridden one. As a young thrill seeker with a lot to prove to myself at the time, I began learning to stunt-ride.

I did this by hanging out and practicing with the World Champion Stunt Rider (at the time) Dan Jackson and many professional-level riders in Kansas City and Saint Louis. See my old stunt riding video below:

Stunt Rider Dan Jackson - choosing a new path blog post
Dan Jackson – http://teamxmx.com/pictures
Professional stunt rider Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson – http://teamxmx.com/pictures

That’s me a long time ago^

In the early days of stunt riding, I would purchase VHS tapes of the only people crazy enough to do this stuff. The main people who kicked off the stunt riding trend and sold videos of their shenanigans were The Street Fighters from Saint Louis, and the Star Boyz from Akron, Ohio.

Star Boyz Super Streetbike cover
Photo – Super Streetbike Magazine

A few years into my stunt riding days, I had the opportunity to ride with most of the big names, including The Star Boyz.

How Does This Story Relate To You?

If you are familiar with Elite Staffing Solutions, you probably know the founder Chris Rickerson’s story in one form or another. If not, ask him sometime… Knowing Chris’s story, I feel that this video is appropriate.

This is Starboy Scott Caraboolad’s testimony of the moment he turned his life around.


Many of us may never experience this same type of moment, many more of us may understand this feeling well. Please give Scott’s video a like and follow his Youtube channel if you appreciate his testimony or you like his stunts.

Consistency is Everything

One of the things that I have learned through the years is that most goals are achieved far slower than expected. Building a good life for myself and my family takes daily dedication but it may take years to achieve the goals I have set.

Sometimes, a change can be a decision that happens in an instant, yet following through is where the change matters.

Many times, change is not glamorous. Sometimes change pays off the most with consistent dedication over time.

Why I Love Working With ESS

One of the reasons I love working with Elite Staffing Solutions is that I understand this company actually changes lives. I know that they help people build new beginnings.

ESS is much more than a temporary employer. They use their position in the market to help good employees find better paying jobs and permanent employment after they have shown their worth at the entry-level.

Choosing a new path – If you see yourself needing a change in your life, employment, or spirituality, Elite Staffing Solutions may be the perfect place to start out. Call us today at (877) 500-0420 to learn about entry level opportunities that need employees as soon as tomorrow.

Choosing a New Path When Life Gets Tough

Post by Mike Gamache – Blogger, Video Pro

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