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How We’re Supporting Your Business in 2020

There’s no doubt, 2020 will be remembered as one of the most challenging years to be in business in our lifetime. I speak to business owners and managers regularly, and without exception, they all tell me they are filled with more questions about the future than answers.

Unless you’re fortunate enough to be in the plexiglass, medical equipment, food delivery or liquor businesses, you have no doubt had to search for ways to re-write the business model for the goods or services you provide. Further, many manager’s tell me they are currently experiencing hiring freezes, making it impossible to staff up when they do have a strategy to survive, or even thrive in the current environment. Temporary staffing can fill the gaps your business is experiencing as you ramp up to get back to business.

At Elite Staffing Solutions, our slogan is “People before Profits”. For me, it’s not just a slogan, but a covenant that I keep with my staff, my clients, my family, and my God. While I would love to earn your staffing business, it is my hope that you will hire back any employees you’ve had to release these past months. If you still find you have employment gaps to fill after doing that, We would love to help.

There are plenty of advantages to hiring temporary workers, especially now.

  1. We’ll handle the heavy lifting.

    We’ll handle the interview, screening, hiring and payroll issues for you. Many of the costs associated with hiring permanent employees are removed when utilizing temporary workers, such as health insurance, retirement plans and the cost of payroll processing.

  2. Test drive before you buy.

    Many of our temporary employees have gone on to become full-time employees for the businesses with whom we placed them. We offer services to facilitate this transition from temp to teammate.

  3. Stay nimble during this unstable time.

    You have an idea that becomes a new business plan. You want to hire staff for the new goods or services you intent to provide, but the continued uncertainty of this economy has you standing on the diving board hesitant to jump. Temp workers let you take the plunge with the knowledge that you will have staff available now and moving forward, whether you need to increase or decrease the size of your team.

According to US News and World Report, consumer confidence is up in all 50 states in anticipation of reopening businesses and a return to economic growth. “The figure, which gauges American’s optimism about the economy, rose to 86.6 in May” they said. While this figure is still down from the 132.6 mark in February, it is a sign that the American consumer’s spirits are up and they’re excited to get back to patronizing the businesses they love.

If you find yourself in the midst of new opportunity that requires an immediate infusion of staff, remember we are here to help. As the owner of this company, I’m here (in Wichita) every day. Whether you already know your staffing needs, or want to strategize about a plan you need staff to implement, I’m here to discuss your needs and guide you to the best staffing solution for your situation. I look forward to earning your business.

Chris Rickerson, Owner Elite Staffing Solutions

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