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Overcoming Workplace Distractions – Stay Productive

I just read this article about overcoming workplace distractions by using some simple tactics to stay productive.

Set Your Intentions

As someone who has been self-employed off and on throughout his professional life, the fist point really resonates with me.

One of the biggest challenges man professionals face is “analysis paralysis.” This is when you have a lot of big priorities, and it is hard to decide what to work on. Focus is limited because every task feels like another important task is being neglected.

Instead of diving into everything you have on your plate at the same time, set 2-3 priorities to focus on and put everything else on the back burner until you have checked those tasks off the list.

Schedule Your Day

This tactic is pretty logical so I’ll keep it simple here.

You’ve defined the highest priorities for the day. Now, set up your schedule so that you can focus on the big tasks during times of the most focus. Mid-afternoon, after lunch is when most employees are least focused. This might be a good time to reserve for smaller tasks.

Remove Distractions

When we are in a deep state of focus, distractions like social media notifications can quickly end that focus.

It will likely be hard to regain this same level of focus after checking your phone.

Try turning off your notifications or placing your phone somewhere you cannot see or hear it.

If you are in an environment that allows headphones, mellow, instrumental music may eliminate a lot of distractions.

Take Small Breaks

Our brains have been trained for work since childhood. At the same time, our minds are not capable of maintaining the optimum level of productivity for the entire work day. Try giving yourself 5-minute breaks every half-hour or so. This would be a good time to check phone messages or notifications. Just make sure to put the phone away after 5-minutes and you are back to work.

The desired outcome is increased focus and decreased distractions during your productive time.

Suggest Changes in Office Culture

Whether it is noisy work areas or regular meetings that hinder productivity, a good boss should not be upset with suggestions that could improve productivity for yourself and your coworkers.

A Little Effort Can Go a Long Way

In many cases, improving productivity at work is as simple as taking a few minutes to create a strategy, then implementing it.

Becoming more productive at work will benefit career professionals and temporary employees alike. The above tactics will increase your workplace productivity and professional success throughout life. Take a few minutes to plan your strategy and become a more productive employee today.

overcoming workplace distractions - stay productive

Overcoming Workplace Distractions – Stay Productive

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Post by Mike Gamache – Blogger, Video Producer




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