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Thanks to Wichita Residents for Arkansas River Clean Up!

The Arkansas River is an older part of Wichita than Wichita itself. Our city’s center is built around it, and our annual Wichita River Festival is themed around the downtown Arkansas River.

Dating back to the Old West, Wichita started as a riverside trading post on the Chisholm Trail. Our city, agriculture, and industry all grew around this important body of water.

Sadly, our river becomes more and more polluted with litter as time passes.

Fortunately, hundreds of volunteers arrive during bad weather to trudge through muddy waters, while filling bags with trash they pick up.

See the video here.

Check out the full article from KAKE News at the preceding link.

Obviously there are some bad apples that do not value the river in our downtown area. This is apparent by the tons of trash that line the shores every year. But the bad does not outweigh the good. This can be witnessed by all of the volunteers who showed up to make a difference.

The Wichita volunteers gathered on May 5th to walk the shores of the Arkansas River and pick up trash together.

Elite Staffing Solutions would like to thank every Wichita resident that gave up time to come help clean up our beloved downtown shorelines. It is people like you who’s appreciation for our city and Midwestern culture, being Shepherds of the land.

We all love having a beautiful downtown to enjoy during business, entertainment, or just taking a peaceful stroll down the river path. So we should all make an effort to throw our trash away, recycle whenever we can, and even pick up a few pieces of litter here and there… If we all pitch in, then a little effort from everyone will go a long way to preserve our river front.

Thanks to Wichita Residents for Arkansas River Clean Up!

By Mike Gamache – Blogger, Videographer

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