Construction Labor Wichita KS

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Do you need construction temps or day labor in the Greater Wichita Area? Then use the fastest growing business in Wichita for 2016 to fulfill your staffing needs!

Construction Labor Wichita KS

Why is Elite Staffing Solutions the fastest growing business in Wichita? Well, we believe it is because we genuinely care about our employees and clients. Happy employees make happy clients.

I don’t want to speak for any other firms in town, but we have found that genuinely caring about the success of our staff generates the desire of our staff to do the best they can for our clients.

At the same time, the original tagline was “Putting Service Back into Staffing” because Elite Staffing Solutions’ owner had worked at another staffing agency where he saw tremendous opportunity to provide better service to the clients without having to charge any extra for that service.

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You have several options when looking for construction labor Wichita KS but there’s only one option if you’re looking for a service provider who will stand by your side while building up their employees and inspiring them to perform their best for you, the client.

Do you want to use a company that looks at your account as another number or line-item? Or, would you prefer to work with a staffing agency who will craft the perfect solution for your day labor and construction needs?

If you aren’t familiar with our service, you should understand that we cover all insurances and liabilities, such as workman’s comp and unemployment.

Elite Staffing Solutions can provide temp construction workers on-demand, provide a temp-to-hire environment, or find direct employment candidates to meet your Wichita construction labor needs.

Don’t waste another minute or risk another bad temp employee experience, contact Elite Staffing Solutions today at (316) 202.2082

Construction Labor Wichita KS

Article by Mike Gamache