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Do you need temporary day labor in Wichita KS? Elite Staffing Solutions is here to help!

Day Labor and Much More!

We do more than just temporary placements at ESS. We also perform professional headhunting and direct placement services.

Many of our temporary and entry-level employees move on to full-time direct employment with our temp-to-hire placements.

Everybody Deserves a Chance!

At Elite Staffing Solutions, we believe everybody deserves a chance. If you are willing to be dependable and do your job, you demonstrate value and promotability.

The model for promotion at Elite Staffing Solutions is a little bit different.

Everybody seeking entry-level employment starts with just that, entry-level work.

Once you prove your value, we promote our best employees from within.

The Goal of Growth

The goal is not to keep an employee working at the entry level. It is to reward the best employees with better jobs and better pay.

The plan: Help as many employees develop equitable careers as possible.  Provide a superior level of service to clients while lifting employees up.

I have watched this company evolve from a concept to the fastest growing company in the state of Kansas.

Why is Elite Staffing Solutions so successful in less-than a decade? I believe it’s the concept behind the company, “People Before Profit.”

What is People Before Profit?

I have had in-depth conversations with ESS ownership. It is important to owner Chris that his clients treat his employees in a dignified manner. He pays employees better than the competition for a reason.

The business model at ESS really is a virtuous circle. A circle where treating employees better generates better results, which creates happy clients who are willing to pay more for better service, then the best performers are promoted and new opportunities are created.

Focusing on people and relationships above the bottom dollar is what really sets Elite Staffing Solutions apart in the Wichita, KS staffing and day labor markets.

day labor in Wichita Kansas

Day Labor in Wichita Kansas

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