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Defining Dreams and Goals At Work and In Life Pays Off

One of the biggest challenges in life is figuring out what we want to get out of life.

A Coworker said something to me a few years ago that really resonated.

“You need a goal to build a plan, and without a plan, you’re just spinning your wheels.”

Yet, it is so hard to focus on goals and plans when we spend most of our time working just to pay the bills.

If You Didn’t Have To Work…

Many of my readers have their own families. I understand that their wellbeing and happiness are #1. I will come back to family after while. For now, let’s daydream and use our imaginations for a bit.

Pretend that you have won a lottery that pays monthly for the rest of your life. It pays slightly more than what is needed to cover your monthly expenses for mortgage, vehicles, energy, bills, and groceries. After expenses, you have an average of $1,000 left over each month.

As long as you don’t over-extend yourself with future purchases, you will never need to work again.

Do any desires or dreams come to mind right away?

Would you travel? Maybe dedicate yourself to health and wellness? Would you create, design, or build something? Possibly teach your kids at home school?

Could Small Changes Make A Big Difference?

As someone who has traveled and chased dreams since I was old enough to get out of the parents’ house, I have learned that materialistic desires are one of the biggest reasons people don’t get to live their dreams. Another equal detractor is excessive spending on items like coffee and eating out.

Money Saved Adds Up

Imagine skipping one or two meals out each month. Think about making coffee at home 4-out-of-5 work days a week instead of buying it at Starbuck’s. What if the money you saved went directly into a bank account? I bet that would add up to over $100 monthly or more-than $1,200 annually. Now, imagine if you had been actually putting that money away for the last 4-years of work. You would have $5,000 or more right now.

What could $5,000 do for your dream today?

Imagine trading a car payment and full coverage insurance for a less-fancy dependable car that is paid off and liability coverage.

Let’s say that you are now saving $400 a month on your car payment/Insurance and another $100 a month on coffee and eating out. $500 a month is $6,000 a year!

If you saved $6,000 a year for 4-years, you would have $24,000 in the bank right now.

All of a sudden, it is much easier to imagine a dream becoming reality with $24,000 cash at your disposal, and all with very little change in overall quality of life.

Defining Priorities

I am sure the average Wichita resident can find many easy ways to save money without giving up much. The real question is, do you have the will power to deny instant gratification for long-term achievements? Is your priority the next grande mocha? Is it an expensive car that works as well as a reasonably-priced one? What are your priorities when you really sit back and think about them?

In ten-years when you are living your dream, will you care that you drove a more modest vehicle for a while? Will you miss all of the lattes you could have bought instead? I doubt it. Will you appreciate the dues you paid to get to where you are? Absolutely!

Family Is Part Of The Dream For Many

Defining Dreams and Goals At Work and In Life - family moving into newly purchased home

I am a married man, but we do not have kids yet… I can only imagine what parents dream of for their families.

If you do have a family, I still encourage you to imagine your inner-most dreams and seek creative ways to make them possible. I do understand that your first desire in life is the family’s wellbeing. Many of your dreams may include family. Some may be part of your own individual journey.

Those of us who have families have dramatically different priorities. With a family, increased income means increased opportunity and comfort. So family people, don’t allow your comfort zone to hold you back from advancement and educational opportunities.

Stability Is Important

I don’t wish for anyone to walk away from stable income and health insurance. I do however hope to encourage couples, family members, and individuals who are not completely satisfied with their income level or job function to do some research. Take some time to do some soul searching while exploring degree and certification programs. Speak with your HR Department about advancement opportunities and on-the-job training within the company.

There is nothing wrong with becoming familiar with and good at a job. Just don’t stop seeking opportunities to move-forward at work and in life.

Dreams > Priorities > Realities

Whether your dream is to become a talented instrumentalist, start a business, or build a family, a little conscious change in mindset can make dreams become priorities and priorities become realities.

Mindset Of A Successful Dreamer

After you have allowed yourself to dream, follow these three concepts.

Work smarter, exercise reasonable self-control, be creative. If you implement this mindset into your life, you are making your dreams a priority and goal in life.

Defining Dreams and Goals At Work and In Life Pays Off

Post by Mike Gamache – Dreamer, Cinematographer

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