Finding Motivation To Keep Performing At Work

Finding Motivation To Keep Performing At Work

Let’s admit it, even the most dedicated of employees find theirselves lacking motivation at work from time-to-time. Unfortunately this has a real impact on the effectiveness of the dollars spent on an employee’s position.

All of us want to ensure a dependable income and most of us strive to advance in our careers. Here are a few tips to help you find motivation even on the most dreary Tuesday afternoon.

First, define a goal or outcome. Maybe this is something personal, maybe it is an achievement at work, nevertheless, having a goal gives us purpose as we dedicate time and energy to tasks that we don’t necessarily love.

The goal could be anything like buying a new motorcycle, getting new furniture, or taking a vacation. It could also be work-specific such as achieving a performance-based goal or placing yourself as a frontrunner for the next promotion.

Once the goal has been defined, your hourly energy and time is now being used to strive for something that you personally care about. Now time passes faster because you are working towards your goal, instead of slowly watching the minute hand of the clock tick by second after second.

Not only will setting goals help time pass faster and improve performance at work, it will bring more fulfillment to your life outside of the workplace, and ultimately, the act of setting goals will help you become more successful in all aspects of life.

We all have to find our own form of motivation, but if we’re going to spend a majority of our time awake during the week at work, we might as well be as successful as possible while making the time pass faster, right?

Finding Motivation To Keep Performing At Work

Article by Mike Gamache Author and Video Producer

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