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Kansas Pond Society Water Gardens

Kansas Pond Society Water Garden Video Tour 2019 – Beautiful City

I just stumbled across a really cool video of the the Kansas Pond Society. This video was discovered on Youtube user Bruce Blank’s channel. It is a tour of various human-made water gardens around Wichita KS.

As a child, I was especially interested in water features, whether completely natural, man made, or a hybrid of both.

This video gives me the nostalgic feeling of some of my favorite elements of my home town, Wichita. I can just imagine the sights, sounds, and smells of the water gardens. What a beautiful interest and hobby.

The 2019 tour included water gardens from Wichita, Belle Plaine, Andover, and Kechi.

The tour is held in the Summer. Keep an eye on the Kansas Pond Society’s website for details about the 2020 Water Garden Tour.

Wichita Kansas Pond Society
Photo Credit: https://trustyjoe.com/blog/

Check out the Kansas Pond Society’s “about us” page to learn what they do and how to become involved.

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