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Growing Up And Learning To Work In Wichita Kansas

I grew up in the Greater Wichita Area.

Living In Other Regions

After living in other regions for approximately nine-years of my life, I’ve noticed something about employees from the Midwest. They consistently show the values of hard work, dependability, and saving money.

I’m not saying that I haven’t seen these traits in people from other places. I do however believe employees from the midwest are more consistent in their commitment to working hard to earn money and achieve goals.

Although I am in Wichita often for work, I live in Summit County, Colorado now. This is an extremely busy destination in the Winter and Summer.

Employees in this place come from all over the world.

Shared Midwestern Work Ethic

One observation I’ve made is that employees from my neck of the woods share a certain work ethic that I believe comes from the Midwest. They are more likely to show up to work on time. They are also more likely to finish their full-season commitment of work.

I am not saying that every single employee from our region will be flawless. But I do believe that there is a high likelihood of success when hiring employees from Kansas or the Midwest Region.

I will always appreciate my roots in the Wichita Kansas Area because this place taught me how to set goals and work to achieve them. It taught me how to apply and interview for jobs. It also provided the opportunity to get as much entry-level work experience as I desired.

Whether you’re new to Wichita, been there your whole life, or have moved away, remember the values this place instils upon us. Work hard, be dependable, save money. If everyone everywhere followed this formula, the world could see some amazing results.

growing up and learning to work in Wichita Kansas

Post by Mike Gamache – ESS blogger, Video Producer

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