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Life Goals – Defining Them And Achieving Them | Elite Staffing Solutions

I have been thinking a lot about my current life goals lately. I hope some of my readers find this post useful as they contemplate their own path-forward in life.

Evolution of Goals

When I think back through life, I can remember different things that were important to me during different phases. When I was in high school, it was working hard to buy cars and motorcycles.

Mike Gamache Senior Pic

When it was in college, The goal was to graduate and begin a career.

Author Mike G on his career search journey

Now, thirteen-years after college graduation, the original career goals are gone. I have already achieved what I wanted and the next goal became business ownership.

I have owned a few businesses but never made that much profit, so I am still working hard on this goal.

Over the years, my goals evolved from material desires to educational goals. Then from education to career goals. Next career to business ownership. And most important – family.

Location Was One Of My Goals

Along the way, one of my most important goals was to find the location that is conducive to the active life I desire.

Although I spent 28-years of my life in Kansas, I have now spent nearly a decade living near mountains and oceans. I come back to Kansas often to visit friends, family, and clients. Still, I have recognized the importance of being near ski slopes, mountains, and rivers for my own personal life.

Mike G Snowboarding - life goals post
Mike Gamache board slide at home ski slope (Keystone)

Location may not be a goal of yours, or you may be in the exact location you desire. I’m not saying that you should change your location. I am saying you should consider how important location is, as a goal. If you do desire a different location whether it is a different part of town or a different part of the world, prioritize how important location is to you.

For me, location was so terribly important that I put my business pursuits on the back burner. I moved to a ski town and began bartending on the slope. Now, exactly five-years later, my goals have completely changed once again.

life goals blog post pic - Mike N Jodene

I still live in the busiest ski county in America, but now I’m married. I’m burnt out working line-level jobs, and I’ve sustained a chronic ankle injury that makes it very hard to work on my feet full time.

ankle injury - life goals post

My Goals Continue To Evolve

Once again, my goals have shifted. Now, the immediate goal is maintaining healthcare for my wife and I, while building another business full-time.

When I simplify everything, I have three goals now.

  • Buy or build a house for my family. One that is big enough for several guests.
  • Own a profitable business that provides enough that I don’t need a side job.
  • Begin investing in rental real estate.

I can already tell that my goals will eventually include having kids. I also think I will be much more excited about kids when I am sustainably self-employed and my wife and I own a house.

What Is The Point?

My whole point about life goals is that I believe they are very important. They will evolve and change, but without them, what is the point of even working? If we have something to work towards, we have something to work for.

For an entrepreneur like myself, I understand the value of hard work. I realize that it applies for my business ventures and when I’m employed by others.

Your life goals will be different than mine. Some people’s goal may be to provide a good life to their kids and family. Simply maintain and be comfortable while putting a little into savings each month. Some may be at a point where a flashy vehicle is worth every hour of overtime they work. Others may be saving up so that they can work part-time while attending school.

I’m not here to tell you what your life goals should be. Simply that you should have them.

Working towards goals makes us work harder. When we achieve those goals, we create and achieve new ones. Over time, we improve our own lives and we can improve others’ lives around us.

Life Goals – Defining Them And Achieving Them

Mike Gamache is an entrepreneur who has known ESS ownership since before the company was created. He blogs remotely from Frisco, CO.

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