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New Mother-Daughter Owned Store in Wellington

What a heartwarming story: A Wellington, Kansas mother and daughter recently opened up the Beehive Quilt Shop that is combined with the Bee Creative Toy Store.

The storefront that they are using was built in 1910.

Mother Connie Hart and Daughter Annarose White worked hard on renovations that dealt with a decorative tin ceiling and re-finishing a hardwood floor that was hidden under lairs of newer flooring that had been installed on top of it.

The storefront has been restored to its original appearance from over a-hundred years-ago.

The two products are a unique combination that the owners feel compliment each other.

The toys in this store are primarily educational and/or creative and crafty.

The craft-based toys play to several of the same aptitudes of quilting. A few of those aptitudes are the hands-on nature of the toys, geometrics and colors, even mathematics.

In this age of digital retail, succeeding with a brick-and-mortar retail business can be a challenge, but this wholesome family-owned Midwestern store provides the prospect of hands-on creativity, combined with education and fun. These are all things that a smart phone cannot provide in the same manner.

The quilts and educational toys are both some of the best examples of engaging one’s creativity and problem-solving capabilities without integrating a smart phone.

We would like to wish the owners of The Beehive Quilt Shop and Bee Creative Toy Store a successful first-year in business and a continued path of sustainability and growth in the future.

Thanks to Annarose White and Connie Hart for bringing something that feels so familiar into a time where crafts and building-block style toys are being phased out by digital devices along with the spam and privacy issues that come along with them.

Don’t visit or drive through Wellington without visiting this wonderful local business at: 122 N Washington Ave Wellington, KS  67152

New Mother-Daughter Owned Store in Wellington

By Mike Gamache – Blogger, Videographer

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