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Physical Activity Enhances Productivity At Work And Increases Happiness

I have long been a believer that physical activity enhances productivity at work and increases happiness in-general.

I’m sure I have written about this subject before. Still, I find it good to touch on from time-to-time.

Value of Physical Activity at Work – Harvard Business Review

Check out this article about the benefits of physical activity from Harvard Business Review.

A few points the article makes are that people are more likely to maintain a physical regiment if:

  • The activity is something one enjoys
  • The activity is one that a person can improve at
  • Others depend on a person’s engagement – Basically, if the person is absent, the team is hurt.

Physical Activity Enhances Productivity

Increased Productivity and Satisfaction

Staying physically active makes us more productive at work. It also makes us feel more satisfied at the end of the day.

I was born and raised in the Wichita Metro area. I have moved out of state and back a few times.

Moving To The Mountains

Five-years ago, I moved to the mountains of Colorado to live a more physically active life. I am still residing in the mountain town of Frisco Colorado year-round.

Here is a video I shot a large portion of. It is the workout group I am a part of, Live Harder Wellness. I’m the guy with the long hair and blue helmet. I hope it gives you a little inspiration for integrating physical activity into your life.

I understand that I took my love for being outdoors and active to an extreme. That does not mean that you need to pack up and move out of state like I did.

A Positive Cycle

The reality is, finding a physical activity that you enjoy is important. Consistently performing that activity will make you more productive and happier. As you get better at that activity, the more inspired you will be to eat better and keep doing the activity that you love.

Post by Mike Gamache – ESS Blogger, Video Producer

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