Podcast – Interview with Chris Rickerson

The following podcast is an interview with Elite Staffing Solutions’ owner Chris Rickerson.

Chris tells his story from troubled beginnings to successful business ownership and fatherhood.

Elite Staffing Solutions’ owner speaks about giving candidates a second chance. He explains his mission of helping those who are willing to work for success and growth.

Since the beginning of his career in staffing, the church and Christianity have been at the center of his and his boys’ lives.

Now, through the grace of God, Chris finds himself in a position to help people who desire to help themselves.

I hope that this podcast spreads throughout the staffing industry. I would love to see it inspire staffing providers to positively influence the lives of employees.

The lesson is that treating good employees right will result in a better level of service for staffing clients.

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Chris Rickerson – Owner, Elite Staffing Solutions
CREDIT: Morgan Rachel Levy

A larger lesson in business is that a well-performing, qualified staff is most effective when treated with appreciation and respect.

Knowing Chris personally, I doubt any of his employees mistake kindness for weakness. Having grown up on the streets, Chris sees things how they are. He sees employees who are doers who don’t use excuses. He also recognizes those who do have excuses based on some outside circumstance. He’s the type that will go to bat for a dependable employee while eliminating sub par labor.

In the past, I wrote an article called Staffing Can Change Peoples’ Lives.

If the rest of the industry approached staffing from the same perspective, The outcome would literally have a positive impact on the stock market… Who knows what other great things could come of it. The idea that a hiring position in the staffing industry can change several peoples’ lives for the better is truly exciting.

So, friends from the staffing industry, please embrace this amazing opportunity you have to not only fill orders, but provide the best service possible by making your staff’s success one of your highest priorities.

Podcast – Interview with Chris Rickerson

Article by Mike Gamache

Blogger, ColoradoMountainLife.com

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