Tribute to Wichita Kansas Small Businesses

Wichita is a place that exudes a hard working mindset. We work hard. Our employers, clients, and families know they can depend on us. Without dedicated local employees, Wichita Kansas small businesses and entrepreneurs, Our city would not be as successful as it is. Fortunately this place provides many advantages for small business. Two of the top- an excellent workforce and low cost of operation.

A mindset common to many entrepreneurs is that we aren’t satisfied and we aren’t willing to settle.

As a small business owner, I understand that my income is not guaranteed. It is volatile . It is also not limited in the same way most salaried or hourly positions are. My income is dictated by the opportunity that I capitalize on,  relationships I build with my clients, my company’s performance, The money I invest, and the hours that I am willing to work.

Although I would never give up being an entrepreneur, I love this city and I also appreciate the comfort and security that Wichita provides for thousands of families through employers like Spirit Aerosystems, McConnell Air Force Base, and even USD 259.

This post is supposed to be a tribute to local small businesses, but we could not do what we do without the consistent, dependable, hard work of Wichita employees and their management. We are fortunate to be in a market where employees take pride in their work and consistently show it.

As for Wichita small business owners, we want to give you some special recognition. We’re still pretty new in the Sedgwick County market, and I want to let all other Wichita area small businesses know that we appreciate your contribution to your community. We recognize your impact on the Wichita economy. Its businesses like yours that grow into success stories like Pizza Hut and The Coleman Company.

Small Business is hope – We have unlimited opportunities with our businesses. The very existence of our businesses show other local residents that they are in America, where dreams can become reality if we are willing to work hard enough. Our Wichita small businesses inspire others to take the risk, invest, and start their own businesses. If fortunate enough, today’s new business owners will eventually provide tomorrow’s local jobs.

I heard this quote on a show many years ago. I’m sure its not the first time its been said… “Success happens when opportunity and good planning meet.”  Over the years, thousands of Wichita entrepreneurs have created success utilizing the opportunities that Wichita Kansas provides.

I want to give a special thanks to all of the Kansas small business owners that came before me. Thank you for having the guts and taking the risk to make your own lives better. Thank you for contributing jobs to your communities. Thanks for giving me hope and inspiration. Thanks for showing Wichita locals that owning a business isn’t just a fantasy, it can become a reality for those who want it bad enough.

Thanks again to all Wichita Kansas small businesses for everything that you do!

Tribute to Wichita Kansas Small Businesses

Tribute to Wichita Kansas Small Businesses

Article by Mike Gamache CML Blogger

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