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Value of General Labor and Entry Level Work | Elite Staffing Solutions

Elite Staffing Solutions does a lot more than general labor and entry level work. At the same time, much of our business does come from clients who need entry level help.

Later, I’ll talk about the benefits of general labor with ESS. First, I want to start with the value of general labor for anyone anywhere.

The Value of General Labor For Me

As an entrepreneur who has a varying income, general labor helps me fill in the gaps. Even though I perform contract work for a much higher hourly rate, I fill in the holes with temporary jobs… Its been a little while, but I have done a good amount of temp construction labor and entry level work in my market. Realistically, I’m carrying heavy objects up and down stairs all day and cleaning up construction sites.

I don’t love the work. I have however learned that keeping a continuous income is vital for a startup business owner like myself. Even if I am making less when I’m doing construction, I feel content at the end of the day. I enjoy the physical challenge. Nothing builds character like a solid day of hard work.

Having instant work opportunities at your disposal is an amazing asset, even if you don’t love every temp job.

Consistency of income for people like myself is huge, but it is not the only advantage of temp labor.

Creating New Job Opportunities

Sometimes, we just need some money to bridge the gap. Other times, it may feel like there is little opportunity to move forward in career or life. Sometimes, making connections with employers who have witnessed your value opens up permanent employment opportunities. That is actually one of the things that we focus on here at ESS. Promoting the best and most dependable employees from within. The end goal is to find good employees work through our temp-to-hire positions.

Workplace Experience

If you are new to the workforce, temp labor provides workplace experience, an understanding of how important attendance and consistency are, and how to interact with others in a professional environment.

Temp labor can provide some amazing resume-worthy experience if you choose your resume entries strategically.

What Employers Want

At the end of the day, most employers need a dependable, steady employee more than anything else.

Establishing a record of competent work and dependability with temporary employers will make you stand out when applying for permanent positions.

Remember, humility is a virtue, hard work pays off, and dependability is the most valuable attribute of a good employee.

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Value of General Labor and Entry Level Work

Post by Mike Gamache. Entrepreneur, Director of Photography

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