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What Should I Do With My Life? Defining Dreams and Goals

Defining dreams and goals: Many ask themselves “what should I do with my life?” This is a question that we are supposed answer by age 18, yet we may ask ourselves the same question throughout our entire careers.

My Journey

I remember desperately seeking the answer to the question at the end of my second year at Cowley County Community College. After losing sleep about my career for several years, it hit me like a bolt of lightening. I was going to be a Video Producer, and that is exactly what I received my degree and began my career doing.

Unfortunately Video Production is not the most stable, lucrative career when employed by others. It also gets old producing videos you are not interested in for clients who you are also not excited about.

Years later, I’m self employed producing snowboarding and motorcycle videos among other projects like weddings and advertisements. Some of the videos I’m most passionate about are projects that I produce for free. Others may pay well and be fun to produce, but I wouldn’t shoot or edit them if I didn’t need funding for my other projects. Someday, I’ll only be producing videos I’m passionate about. Its a process with lots of time and hard work before I arrive where I belong.

Defining Dreams and Goals

We all have to pay our dues. We all start somewhere. Paying bills takes priority over career fulfillment. I get it. I’ve lived it like everyone else.

At the same time, each day’s struggle can bring us one step closer to our dreams and aspirations in both career and in life.

One of the biggest challenges is defining those dreams and goals… Remember, without goals, we are just working one day after the next. Without goals, life can feel helpless and depressing.

Defining dreams and goals: What Should I do with my life?

The following TEDx video gives a perspective similar to one that I found for myself about five-years ago. This video may help you assess the direction you would like to point your future in. It might help you consider a career or life path, or it may just help you start to ask the question of what you want to do with your life.

I hope you either have a goal or are searching for the right goal to focus on. With enough time, hard work, and dedication, no goal is too big.

Getting Started with Elite Staffing Solutions

An entry-level job with Elite Staffing Solutions is not the end goal I am encouraging you to seek, but employment through ESS may be a very important step in bringing your long-term dreams to fruition.

Whether working with ESS is only a temporary step, or you are building a career path with our internal promotions and temp-to-hire opportunities, We want to see you succeed on a huge scale, and would love to be one of the many steps that leads to your success!

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Article by Mike Gamache

ESS Blogger, Video Producer,

Founder: ColoradoMountainLife.com, BreckWeddingVideos.com

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