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Wichita Motorcycle Manufacturer Big Dog Motorcycles’ Newest Creation

Wichita Motorcycle Manufacturer Big Dog Motorcycles is innovating and creating once again.

Check out this new video of the Bulldog Performance Trike that was built and sold by Wichita’s Big Dog Motorcycles.

I love seeing the variety of manufacturing in Wichita. Of course, we’re known for our aircraft manufacturing companies like Spirit Aerosystems, Cessna, Beechcraft, Learjet, and more. At the same time, Wichita is home to companies like Chance Manufacturing, The Coleman Company and Big Dog Motorcycles.

Our foundation in engineering and manufacturing has paved the way for innovative small businesses to startup and grow.

One of my favorite characteristics of Wichita is that our long history of manufacturing and aviation has created a lot of influence.

The culture of hard work, combined with creativity, inspired by local manufacturing has continued to drive fabricators, engineers, and entrepreneurs to create unique products with little to no comparison.

New Bulldog Performance Trike from Big Dog Motorcycles

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Post and Video by Mike Gamache – ESS Blogger, Cinematographer

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