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The Dynamic World of Sexual Harassment Cases in 2019

The landscape of sexual harassment is constantly evolving. As we move forward in our careers, it is important to understand what qualifies as harassment.

The following article about stud shaming from lawyer Robin E Shea explains an interesting situation.

As you read Robin’s post, pay attention to the dynamics of the situation. Although a majority or Americans are hyper-aware of sexual harassment in this day and age, most can still become better informed about what harassment is and how to prevent it in their workplace.

Navigating the dynamic world of sexual harassment in 2020

The Author, Ms. Shea is more qualified than I to speak about the specifics, so check out the link above and make sure your understanding of sexual harassment is current. Taking a few minutes to read the article will help you prevent unknowingly harassing an associate. It will also help you maintain a positive work environment for everyone in your workplace.

Post by Mike Gamache

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