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Moving to Management – Are You Ready?

Moving to Management – Are You Ready?

You’ve been part of the team for a long time. You desire new challenges and new responsibilities. You want to contribute more to your workplace, but are you ready? First one must grasp the difference of management versus line-level employment. Emotions are¬†one of the first things a good manager must get past.

When a member of management can focus on the end goal, emotions can be brushed to the side… For instance, an issue with a subordinate¬†may no longer seem important when the manager looks at the end results of that employee’s production. Maybe they are upsetting on a personal level, but they perform their job well and move the company towards its goals dependably. If that is the case, then the manager’s objective with the specific employee has been met and it should be easy to let the personal issues go.

The management mindset must change in several ways from that of a line-level employee.

Here’s some skills you must have a firm grasp on before moving to management.

Moving to Management – Are You Ready?

Article by Mike Gamache

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