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Online Music Stations That Are Great For The Office

Are you allowed to listen to music at work? If you’re in the office, you may need something that isn’t distracting. Check out these mostly instrumental Youtube music stations that are great background sound for the office!

These channels can set the mood in your office, storefront, or anywhere you work that allows music through speakers or lets you wear headphones. Some are pretty mellow and a couple are fairly upbeat. I hope you take some time to check them all out!

Make sure to bookmark this page or save your favorite music stations from below.

Smooth Jazz, Hip Hop, and Electronic Beats

Chilled Cow

The Bootleg Boy


Lofi Phonk

RyanCelsius Sounds


Smile Machine Music

Upbeat House

Good Life Radio


Trap and Remixes

Trap Nation

Chill Nation

Several of these stations have kept me moving when feeling uninspired. Music services like Apple Music, Pandora, and others have stations like these. If you are especially partial to any of these stations, search your favorite music sites for similar keywords.

If these stations don’t fit your fancy, here are a few keyword search suggestions:

  • Live
  • Mix
  • Instrumental
  • Lofi

Make sure to add the type of instrument or music you would like to hear.

For example:

  • Spanish Guitar Instrumental
  • Lofi Blues live

If you use the above search convention, there is a good chance you will find a good work music station for yourself!

For those of us who are allowed to listen to music at work, sometimes the right music generates the best performance.

Take some time to step outside of your known favorites and perform your own work music search today!

Music stations for the office

Online Music Stations That Are Great For The Office

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