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The Value of a Dependable Employee

The internet is full of articles about being more productive at work, There is plenty of content about career growth and even finding fulfillment in a career, but I have been challenged in finding much about the value of a dependable employee.

For this blog post, I want to focus on why dependability is one of the most important, if not the most important factor of a successful employee.

Dependability – A Small Business Perspective

I would like for you to take a moment and envision yourself as not just the boss, but the owner of a small business. For this exercise, we will pretend the business is a bed and breakfast.

Let’s assume there is a staff of ten-employees. Each person has a vital function in the successful daily operation of the business.

One of the employees, George is extremely good at his job. He’s a hard worker. George is efficient, organized, and charismatic. He gets along well with all of his coworkers and guests.

Another employee, Steve is fairly quiet. He does his job every day, but does not strive to find extra ways to help out.

Steve is always at work, drinking coffee ten-minutes before his shift starts every single day. No matter what is happening in life, he will always be at work drinking his coffee before his shift starts.

George on the other hand is routinely tardy, usually by five-minutes, but sometimes fifteen-minutes or more. George also has no problem calling in to work if he stayed up too late the night before. It has happened eight or ten-times within the last year.

Remember, George is faster, maintains more responsibilities, and is friends with everyone. Steve is quiet, steady, and does not go out of his way to help with responsibilities that are not assigned to him.

Every Employee Costs or Makes Money

Every employee at your bed and breakfast is busy. Each person has important functions and responsibilities. If any one employee is unable to handle their responsibilities, others must pick up the slack. This always results in a diminished guest experience as well as bad reviews and referrals. Ultimately, a tardy or absent employee costs your business in both tangible and immeasurable ways.

Now, as the owner of the bed and breakfast, would you prefer to be on vacation while George, the Charismatic, undependable over-achiever is the manager on duty? Or would you prefer to leave your business and profit in the hands of the quiet, steady, dependable employee?

Having owned a couple businesses myself, I can tell you that I would leave my livelihood in the hands of the dependable employee over the more likable and productive employee every single time. Wouldn’t you? At the end of the day, dependability leads to more stability, consistency, and profit.

Why do we work, really?

We all have a purpose at our job or we wouldn’t be getting paid to do that job, right? I can’t do my job if I’m not there, and that almost always costs my employer. You might like your  job, but you don’t work for fun, You work to get paid.

There are many factors that contribute to an employee’s stability, growth, and success. My hypothesis is that the two most important elements in an employee are competency and dependability. Without these two factors, no other attribute, action, or capability can make up for what is missing.

If Your Are Employed, Dependability Matters

We all have lives outside of work and future aspirations.

When I look at the big picture, the best way I have found for anyone to grow in their career and life is to be dependable. Show up on time, every day, get the job done, and continue to do the same. The result is a steady, dependable income which is vital for a stable life. It is also how one moves-forward in their career. By being the employee that will always show up and get their job done.

For more about the value of a dependable employee, check out this article.

The payoff will not come over night, but with time, consistency and dependability will pay off over and over.

dependable employees are valuable

Article by Mike Gamache – Blogger, Small Business Owner, ESS Supporter

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