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The Value Of Dedicating Time For Yourself And Your Family

Dedicating time for yourself and your family is of vital importance for fulfillment in life and performance at work.

Getting Stuck In The Grind

Like most people in the world, I can definitely get caught up working and paying bills. Getting started in life as an adult takes a lot of dedication to just surviving at first.

Over time we set goals like purchasing a home, financing a vehicle that is more of what we want than what we need. Unexpected expenses are common, while unexpected income is uncommon.

My First Vacation Since I Married My Wife

I have been married for a little over two-years now and recently reinforced how important taking some time for myself and my wife is.

We have both been working hard to get to the next stages in life. At the same time, we had not taken a vacation forrselves since we got married. We didn’t have time or funds for a honeymoon after our wedding.

I understand how easy it is to get caught up in the grind. Entertainment outside of the house is not appealing most work nights.

For our two-year anniversary, we took a 3-day trip to Las Vegas.

The value of dedicating time for your self and family
Author Mike and Wife Jodene ^

Not only did I realize we needed the vacation far more than either of us recognized. We also grew closer as we felt a strong bond sharing good times together.

Working-Class Americas Are Pretty Selfless

I believe that most working Americans are selfless people. We work hard for our own survival and growth. Many of us work to build a good future for our children.

Whether a person is single or part of a large household, we spend most of our lives working for others at work and at home. Dedicating a small amount of time to one’s self and sharing experiences with family is not a selfish act. Especially when most of us have very little time to focus on ourselves.

Increased Productivity At Work

Whether it is a full-on vacation or a weekend trip out of town, dedicating a little focus on myself and my wife makes me more productive as an employee. Especially after busy stretches like holidays.

I am more productive at work after focusing on myself. I am also a more enjoyable person to interact with when I have taken a break from the grind.

What I’ve Learned Over Time

Over the years, I have learned the value of dedicating a bit of time and money to focusing on myself and my family. I don’t do it often, but I am now committed to integrating me time and family time into my busy life.

At the end of the day, we are working to make our family’s and our lives better. Don’t neglect yourself because of work. Focus on yourself to make work better, while savoring every moment of life that you get to enjoy with yourself and the ones you care about most.

The Value Of Dedicating Time For Yourself And Your Family

Post by Mike Gamache – Content Creator

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