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Wichita State University TEDx Talks – What Makes People Special


Wichita State University TEDx Talks – What Makes People Special – Dave Dahl

Wichita State University Speaker Dave Dahl has held multiple positions as a court judge. He also teaches university classes in entrepreneurship and ethics.

Attributes of Special People

Dave begins his presentation by explaining a few attributes of special people. In this speech, he provides four of the twenty-two attributes of “special people”

The first is that special people really care for other people.

The second is that special people are good listeners.

The third is that special people express an appreciation to others.

The fourth is: special people are dreamers.

The presenter gives great examples of each by telling interesting true stories of how they are applied in real life.

Defining Moments

In conclusion, Mr Dahl talks about every day containing defining moments. Opportunities to act and be special.

The substance of his closing : “Every day is not going to be a masterpiece, but every day can be meaningful. And if you do some of the things that we talked about today and do them regularly, and if you help people feel a little bit more special you have become a little more special yourself.”

Hopefully, we can all see these elements in ourselves at one level or another.

Make sure to watch the above video for a more detailed understanding of each attribute. Then consider how you can apply each of these elements to your relationships and your life.

One place that is full of defining opportunities is at work. This is true for all of us no matter where we work or what we do.

We should all dream. Then we can choose to chase those dreams. We can listen well to others and show them that we care. We can express appreciation for others. By dreaming for ourselves and treating others well, we can all become more special.

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Wichita State University TEDx Talks – What Makes People Special

Post by Mike Gamache – Blogger, Video Producer


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