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Elite Staffing Solutions in the Wichita Eagle!

Elite Staffing Solutions in the Wichita Eagle!

Directly after Elite Staffing Solutions’ first full-year in business, the total amount of revenue was approximately 1.5 million-dollars. This was enough to catch the attention of the Wichita Eagle newspaper.

The goal for 2015 has been to do more than double the business that we did in 2014. If we don’t break our goal of $3,000,000 in revenue, we will be just under that.

In the last year, we opened and closed another branch in Indianapolis. Fortunately, we learned a lot and lost very little on this venture. Now, the focus will be to stay closer to Wichita with any future branches.

The following article, written by Joe Stumpe gives an overview of our first full year in business. Check out the Wichita Eagle article here.

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Elite Staffing Solutions in the Wichita Eagle!

Wichita Eagle

Article by Mike Gamache

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