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Newton Kansas Jobs and Employment (316) 202-2082

Newton Kansas Jobs and Employment (316) 202-2082

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Do you need day labor, temporary staffing, or permanent employees in Newton Kansas? Elite Staffing Solutions has you covered!

Whether you are looking for light industrial work, administrative and clerical staff, or skilled labor, We probably have an employee that is ready for you business. If not, we’ll find the ideal candidate for you!

Do you need work in the Newton KS Metro area today? Perform a job search online now, click “apply” then give us a call or contact us as soon as you’re done filling out your app. There is a good chance we can put you to work immediately!

If you’re new to the area or you have come across our site from abroad, here is some more information about Newton Kansas.

At Elite Staffing Solutions, we pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest. We believe that we are because of the positive, constructive relationships we have with our employees and our clients. We believe that if you treat an employee like they can make a difference, they will.

The owner’s motto is “Putting service back into staffing” Why is this so significant? After several years of experience in the industry, it was obvious to him that both employees and clients are dramatically under appreciated.

In this industry, the relationship between the client and employment agency are vital to the success of both parties. It is the agency’s responsibility to cultivate the relationship and ensure that they are receiving the labor that they need and the service that they require. There have been instances where the founder and owner, Chris Rickerson has actually gone to work washing dishes when an employee didn’t show up the morning of their job. Who else in the Greater Wichita Area would go to that length to maintain their relationship with a client?

To learn more about working with a staffing agency that genuinely cares about every person they work with, call (316) 202-2082

Newton Kansas Jobs and Employment
Newton Kansas Jobs and Employment

Newton Kansas Jobs and Employment

Article by Mike Gamache

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