Opportunities for General Laborers

Opportunities for General Laborers

Elite Staffing Solutions offers opportunities for general laborers. In many cases we can place you on a job the first day you arrive at our office. (You have to show up early!)

We reward dependable, hard-working people with higher-paying more desirable positions as they prove their value.

In a video interview with the Wichita Chamber of Commerce, the company owner, Chris Rickerson recently stated: “At Elite Staffing Solutions our employees are more than just a dollar to us. They are respected and valued. Its my goal to help people up and not hold people down. I tell my people often that I don’t want to see them here in two-years. That’s not my goal. And often times in staffing, people get stuck in a rut.”

I have personally seen employees of ESS use skills and relationships they have developed as general laborers to start full-time careers.

Later in the interview referenced above, Chris states “For us, we’re able to identify the good workers, and then we’re able to reward those people who are really just trying to do the right thing and improve their life… We have a vetting process that’s a little different. We don’t look at people on paper, we put people on jobs. Then we listen to feedback from the customers and we promote from within”

When working with ESS, those who deserve to develop careers outside of the general labor industry will likely find opportunities with other employers. This will be a result, in-part, of a proven track record.

opportunities for general laborers

General labor opportunities are not only valuable to those who are looking for a new field or new job skills. They are also valuable to college graduates and established professionals. It is possible that we place you in a less desirable position at first, while we seek good fits between clients and employees.

Our market and industry generates new positions all the time. As a professional with credentials, skills, and experience, we will keep an eye out for the next position that fits your professional profile. Just make sure you show your worthiness through performance and actions at your initial position(s)

Whether you are a general laborer looking for work,  you need to generate some immediate income, or you are seeking opportunities that will help you advance professionally, contact Elite Staffing Solutions to find out how we can work together today! Call (316) 202-2082

Opportunities for General Laborers

Article by Mike Gamache – Blogger, CML

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