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Sometimes It Isn’t Best To Turn Your Passion Into Your Career

Sometimes Your Passion Is Still Work At Work

I have heard many people say: “Do what you love and never work a day in your life.”

My experience in the world is contradictory to the above statement.

A Motorcycle Career

The first time I ever thought about this is when a successful friend of mine who owns a large, established custom motorcycle company told me that making your passion your job isn’t always the best idea.

He built himself an amazing custom bike. It took over a decade and he never rides it. We attend motorcycle rallies and he is too busy promoting and networking to throw a leg over the bike and go for a ride. Motorcycles have become his job. It is hard for him to enjoy his passion now that it is also his work.

Sometimes turning your passion into your career isn't the best idea
Matt Moore – President, Big Dog Motorcycles ^

A Snowboarding Job

Five-years ago, I moved back to the Colorado mountains from Wichita because I wanted snowboarding and mountain biking to be a daily part of my life. After a few years making money bartending, I decided to take a job on a division of ski patrol. I was on the slope snowboarding all day every day. I enjoyed myself at first, but by the end of the Winter, I was burnt out on snowboarding. My body was sore from a dislocated rib. I was tired of the cold in the Winter and sick of being soaked in the Spring.

Mike Gamache Snowboarding - passion for career
Author Mike Gamache snowboarding^

The realization that I came to is that work is still work, even when I’m snowboarding. I was also making less than half of what I was at any other job in the last five-years.

When I think of how passionate my friend was about motorcycles in college, yet he never rides now that motorcycles are his career. And when I remember how much I loved snowboarding and still do, yet how burnt out I was on it, I came to the conclusion that my passions in life do not  need to be my passions at work.

Important Aspects of A Job

I graduated college in 2006 and have been working ever since. One of the things I discovered about work is that the conditions at work and the life your job provides outside of work are extremely important for finding satisfaction at work.

I believe we should all strive to do a good job at work. We need to have goals to achieve for advancement in life. At the same time, I am a huge believer in finding what you want out of life. Then finding a job that is conducive to that life.


When we start to think about the environment we want to work in and the outside life we desire, one may realize that the career they once pursued does not make them happy at work or at home.

I am not encouraging anyone to walk away from their job. Rather, I hope that you take some time assessing what you want from your life. Consider what your job that provides that life looks like. After that, devise a long-term plan. It is up to you to bring your desired life and job to fruition.

Before you can attain your dream job, everybody needs entry level experience.

Sometimes It Isn’t Best To Turn Your Passion Into Your Career

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Post by Mike Gamache – Blogger, Videographer

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