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We’ll Miss You Roger Cornish!

After 40-years of work and leadership with KWCH 12 News, Roger Cornish will be retiring at the end of May, 2018.

When Cornish started, the channel was followed and watched by less than the competition. Now, KWCH12 News is the #1 watched weather and news program in Kansas. Roger Cornish played a huge part in bringing the channel to the top.

Roger was known for encouraging his coworkers to always be there, ready to present the news properly, even if one was having a bad day. He reminded anchors, meteorologists, and his team that KWCH viewers expected to see them every day.

Viewers and coworkers alike have come to know Cornish’s witty and light humor, which he has always delivered in a way that is unique to his character.

The Elite Staffing Solutions team would like to congratulate Roger Cornish for a long, successful, and distinguished career.

We hope that the Cornish family enjoys many years of health, happiness, and relaxation in retirement.

Thanks for being the face of Kansas News that we all came to love. You will be missed Roger Cornish,

We’ll Miss You Roger Cornish!

Mike Gamache – Blogger, Videographer

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